Tension Between The Two Koreas

North Korea announced its plans to push through with its campaign to send anti-south leaflets to South Korea, said the North’s state media on Sunday. 

North Korea’s state media, KCNA reported that North Koreans will be launching their own leaflet campaign against South Korea. 

Seoul’s Unification Ministry urged the North to reconsider as the plan is a violation of their peace agreement.

North Korea’s department, in charge of inter-Korean affairs called the plea an “absurd nonsense.”

“Given their own wrongdoings, how dare they utter such words as regret and violation?” said the department, via KCNA. 

Groups of defectors regularly send flyers along with food and money to the North via balloons or bottles, said Reuters

The flyers contain propaganda messages against North Korea, which consequently infuriated them.

Early this month, Kim Yo-Jung of the Worker’s party and sister of Kim Jong-Un dropped a statement against the South. 

She said that if the propaganda continues, North Korea will suspend the Panmunjom Declaration of Peace on its end. 

A few days ago, North Korea blew up a joint liaison office in its border “cutting off all communication liaison lines between the North and the South, said KCNA in a statement.

According to a CNN report, experts believe that the Kim regime might be constructing a crisis to create a sense of urgency in inter-Korean talks which have been stuck for months now. 

The Panmunjom Declaration 

The Koreas signed a declaration of peace in April 2018 at Panmunjom in the North. 

In the declaration, both parties agreed to stop the war between them and forge a new era of peace. 

The declaration includes a condition, that both will “stop all hostile acts”, including the scattering of leaflets in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line.

North Korea thinks that the leaflets being sent by the defectors is a violation of the treaty. 



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