Kenneth Copeland has accused the people of being possessed by the devil

American televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, delivered a sermon last week where he accuses the devil of stealing the election from US President Donald Trump

Copeland’s comments came amidst US President Donald Trump’s denial of the presidential election results. 

The televangelist is also a Trump supporter and refuses to accept his loss in the election. 

The American organization, the Right Wing Watch, posted the video on Twitter. 

According to the Right Wing Watch, the televangelist “dedicated the entire sermon during its morning service ranting about the election.” 

The Devil Did It

During his sermon, the televangelist elevated Trump’s name, saying God’s wisdom “has been functioning” in him. 

In fact, according to him, that’s why “they” wanted him out of the White House, because he’s draining the swamp. 

He also claims that the “spirit of the devil” has come to steal the election, continue killing babies, and “destroy the youth of this nation.” 

Copeland's Breakdown on live tv

We Are Better than the Hackers

Moreover, Newsweek reported that before his claims about the devil stealing the elections, Copeland first addressed recent cyberattacks in the government. 

Authorities have accused Russian hackers of a massive breach in the US government networks last week. 

However, the televangelist claims, America has better hackers than them, the best in the world. 

The televangelist trended on Twitter for the past month due to some videos of him. One is of him laughing at the media for declaring former Vice President Joe Biden, the winner in the election. 

And the other, an interview from the Inside Edition. 

The reporter asked him about him enjoying a life of luxury due to him, owning private jets and an airport. 

In the video interview, the reporter also asked him about his previous comment of not wanting to fly in commercial planes because he doesn’t want to fly with demons. 


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