The scenic view of Rhodes, Greece

Two British teens are dead and one is injured after a parasailing accident in Rhodes on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.

Jessica Hayes, 15, and Michael Connelly, 13, both passed away.

On the other hand, James Connelly, 15, sustained multiple injuries.

The three teens are cousins

The rope attached to the parasailing parachute the teens were using was severed, the Greek coastguard told the PA news agency.

Strong Winds Snapped the Rope, Then Strayed Toward The Rocks

The teens were reportedly found on rocky grounds near the town of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, per Independent.

The kids were following a speedboat where the parachute was attached then the rope was cut, a coast guard spokesman told PA.

High winds had caused the group to drift towards the rocks, Greek media reported.

Greek media reported that the three teens drifted toward the rocks due to high winds.

The person boat operator contacted the coast guard and the fire department, who found the teens lifeless bodies.

Consequently, authorities arrested the boat operator and the owner of the parasailing company, per the Guardian.

A caution tape behind a wire fence

Kept In The Dark

Authorities kept the parents in the dark.

The 15-year-old James Connelly is fighting hard to stay alive in Rhodes General Hospital, said the doctors, per the Guardian.

Daily Mail reported that Tony, Jessica Hayes’ father slammed the medics for their response to the tragic accident.

The doctors put the family through “four hours” of agony before informing them of the children’s death, Tony said.

The family initially heard that Jessica and Michael only sustained fractures, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the teens “were dead at the hospital the whole time,” the grieving father said.

Moreover, the doctors gave the family false hope, Tony said.

After four hours, the nurse informed us with no empathy, almost shouting that the children died.  

How are the Investigations Going

Spyros Tatis, the coastguard chief, is handling the initial investigation for the teens’ death, according to the Guardian.

Tatis, allegedly, argued in favor of charges of involuntary manslaughter and grievous bodily harm charges.

A public prosecutor released Nikos Mallios, the owner of a water sports company.

The prosecutor instructed to extend the investigation, a police source said.

Accidents happen, yes, but the odds are lower if people are more cautious.

Would it hurt the people manning the parasailing business to check the weather forecast for storms in the area before letting their clients engage in any outdoor activity?

Would it be such a hassle to make sure the equipment is in excellent condition before using it?


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