Taylor swift sings onstage

American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, announced on Wednesday that she will vote for Presidential candidate Joe Biden for the elections.

The Cardigan singer recently took to Twitter to announce her choice for the country’s next president. 

She also included she’ll be “watching and supporting” Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

She also shared she has “custom cookies.”

In a picture attached to her Twitter post, the You Belong With Me star is holding a tray of cookies with Biden-Harris 2020 written on them. 

A few hours after she posted her tweet, Harris replied to Swift’s post thanking her for support. 

“Voting never goes out of style,” the Senator said, playing with words based on the lyrics of Swift’s song, “Style.” 

The former Attorney General also added a postscript to Swift, asking her to share her cookie recipe. 

We Will Vote You Out In November

Early this year, Swift told US President Donald Trump over Twitter, “we will vote you out in November” after his statement about George Floyd. 

However, last Wednesday is the first time Swift declared her support for Biden and Harris.

The Exile singer also accused Trump of “stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism” his entire presidency. 

Swift’s comment on voting out Trump came after Trump criticized protesters for “glorifying violence” and “dishonoring” Floyd’s memory. 

The democratic donkey in front of the American Flag

America’s Chance to Start Its Healing Process

The multi-awarded singer also shared she had an interview with V Magazine on why she’ll vote for Biden and Harris. 

According to Swift, she will proudly vote for the two in the election because she believes, “America has a chance to start the healing process it so desperately needs.” 

Swift also added the change America needs is to elect a leader that recognizes POCs safety, the inclusion of “LGBTQIA+,” and women’s choice. 

“deserve to feel safe and represented”, women have a choice over their bodies, and that “LGBTQIA+” deserves inclusion and acknowledgment. 

Lastly, she said the country needs a leader that “puts the lives of its people first.”


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