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Statue of Breonna Taylor, Smashed Weeks After Installation

A bust statue of Breonna Taylor was smashed in Oakland, California, on Saturday, weeks after the artist installed it, reports said. 

The bust statue depicts a smiling Taylor, and at the base of it are the words “Say her name: Breonna Taylor.”

Now, it’s in ruins. 

The Oakland police department said in a statement on Monday it was already looking into the incident. However, there aren’t any suspects yet or motives behind the destruction, per the Guardian. 

Matt Bigler, a journalist for CBS News, posted pictures of the statue after its destruction on Twitter. He asked, “who would vandalize [the] statue of Breonna Taylor?” and added that it’s the same question the Police Department was asking. 

Moreover, according to him, the Bay Area law firm has already committed to funding the statue’s restoration. 

On March 13 this year, plainclothes officers shot Taylor, an Emergency Medical Technician, inside her own apartment with a no-knock warrant. 

Since then, people are protesting for justice. 

In June, Louisville city passed “Breonna’s Law,” an ordinance banning no-knock warrants in the city. The no-knock warrant has become a controversial police practice. 

In September, the Jefferson County grand jury passed a ruling that indicts one officer with Wanton Endangerment of Neighbors. However, the other two other officers involved did not get any indictments. 

An Act of Racist Aggression

The bust statue’s artist, Lee Carson, has since launched a GoFundMe page to help him rebuild the statue in bronze “to prevent further damage.”

According to him, after he revealed the statue to the public, “it was incredible” to see everyone taking photos and enjoying it. However, that awe turned into devastation and rage after someone destroyed the statue. 

In his GoFundMe page, Carson called the incident “an act of aggression.”

He also added that the incident aims to suppress the “fight for Black freedom.”



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