Some states are thinking about taking legal action against the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Trump administration because of the new policies that are implemented by the Postmaster General. 

CNN reported that the States of Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, are already reviewing the possible legal actions they can take against the administration. 

Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachusetts told CNN that they are “exploring all options available” to make sure “everyone’s vote is counted.”

USPS’ Changes Under DeJoy

USPS’ new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, has been criticized by the public lately due to the recent changes he implemented in the USPS. 

Some of those changes are slower mail service, removal of high-speed letter sorters, reduced USPS workers’ working hours, and sorting machine elimination. 

These changes have increased the public’s worry about the coming election. 

According to a Baltimore Sun report, the Postmaster General maintains that these actions will help the Postal Service in terms of financial stability. 

On Sunday, the White House’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadow clarified that sorting machines would not be taken offline anymore. 

Blocking The USPS’ Additional Budget

During an interview with Fox Business Network on Thursday, US President Donald Trump admitted that he is blocking USPS’s additional budget. 

According to him, the US Postal Service’s lack of resources will lessen their capacity to handle the flood of ballots that will come in from mail-in voting. 

“If we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money,” Trump told Fox.

Trump also claims that Democrats will use the Postal Service’s Universal mail-in voting’s “millions of ballots” and use it to their advantage. 

However, the next day, Trump shared that he is willing to release funds for USPS if Democrats will listen to his demands. 

He added that the demands are not what he wants but “what the American people want.”

In an interview with CNN, Meadows explained that what the president opposes is “universal mail-in ballots.”

According to him, the danger is in sending out millions of ballots to all registered voters, “even those who did not request it.”

It would be “inaccurate.” Meadows said.


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