Starbucks bans its employees from wearing Black Lives Matter related clothing, a week after voicing out its support of the movement. 

Last week, June 1, Starbucks posted in its Twitter account its support to the Black Lives Matter cause, saying that, “We will confront racism to create a more inclusive and just world. We stand in solidarity with our Black partners, customers and communities. We will not be bystanders.”

A few days after, their Twitter page tweeted again on its commitment to being a part of change against bias and racism. 

In a Starbucks memo obtained by Buzzfeed News, the world-famous coffee franchise reminds its employees of its Dress Code Policy. In the memo, it said that employees or partners can only wear buttons or pins that are issued by Starbucks itself, and that “partners are not permitted to wear buttons or pins that advocate a political, religions or personal issue.”

According to a Buzzfeed news report, the memo is Starbucks’ response to store managers, who had been contacting the senior leaders of Starbucks on behalf of its employees who wanted to wear Black Lives Matter clothing, in solidarity to the protests that had taken over the country. 

A Starbucks barista from Atlanta, Calvin Bensen told Buzzfeed News, that Starbucks’ response was disappointing in ways I can’t express in words. That statement prioritizes those who feel discomfort over Black lives.” He added, that the memo, is, “silencing and Starbucks is complicit. Now more than ever, Starbucks needs to stand with us.”

Some people who had taken on Twitter dubbed Starbucks’ actions as ‘performative activism’ and encouraged others to boycott the franchise. Some, on the other hand, supported this move, saying that they just stuck to their policy and was not doing anything wrong.  


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