The featured image is a private capsule returning to the earth. The reason is that the article is like that. In this case, SpaceX Crew Dragon.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, the first private space capsule to carry NASA astronauts to space will undock from the International Space Station to return to earth. 

According to a Space report, the capsule named Endeavor is set to undock from the station on Saturday night. 

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be on this return flight. 

The crew is expected to return to earth on Sunday and expected to “splashdown” off the coast of Panama City, Florida. 

However, the site is just one of the seven options available for the splashdown. 

According to the report, the landing site might change depending on the weather. 

Recently, news of the Hurricane Isaias heading towards Florida is all over. 

NASA is yet to announce on their final decision on the target landing site. 

Behnken and Hurley were launched to space and joined the space station in May this year. 

They stayed there for two months. 

The shuttle’s return to Earth can also be streamed through NASA’s website on Saturday. 

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program

The launch is the first of its kind under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program

In 2014, NASA designated SpaceX and Boeing to create space vehicles in charge of transporting astronauts to the ISS.  

According to SpaceX, its space vehicle is designed to take humans to the Earth orbit, the moon, and Mars in the future. 

Returning a Very Special Flag on Earth

During the farewell ceremony, Christopher Cassidy, a NASA veteran of two space flights, gave a special American flag to Hurley. 

The flag has been in space for nine years, Hurley shared. 

The flag turnover is a symbolic one and has a special connection to space veteran Hurley. 

According to a CNET report, Hurley is part of the shuttle crew who left the flag in the ISS in 2011. 

Moreover, it will be sent back to earth and will be used on another mission to the moon, said Cassidy.  


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