Three missing Micronesian sailors who went missing for almost 3 days were found

The men were stranded on Pikelot Island after their seven-meter vessel went off course and eventually ran out of fuel. 

They departed from Pulawat on July 30th for Pulap atoll but failed to make it. 

Fortunately, a U.S. aircraft, operating outside of Guam saw the big S.O.S letters written across the beachfront. 

The aircraft guided Australia’s HMAS Canberra ship to locate the marooned crew.  

HMAS Canberra was on its way home after participating in naval exercises in the South China Sea when they aided the crew. 

The ship deployed a reconnaissance helicopter to confirm the identities of the crew and to deliver food and water.

Australian and U.S. military personnel maintained social distancing as they checked the crew. 

Australian Defense Force said they found the crew in good condition. 

Micronesian authorities have deployed a patrol vessel, FSS Independence to bring their men home. 

What Does SOS Stand For?

SOS originally stood for “save our ship”, but the letters have developed into a general emergency distress signal.

The 3-letter lifesaver is an internationally recognized distress signal adopted from the Morse code. 

SOS in Morse code is “. . . – – – . . .”, three dots followed by three dashes followed by three dots. 

The pattern gives an identifiable sound when used in Morse code, or when shone as signal lights.

It has unique symmetry when written since it is a palindrome (can be read the same backward) and an ambigram (can be reversed and will read the same).

Millennials who used Nokia phones may have overlooked that its unique ringtone was in Morse code.

The “special” ringtone stood for SMS while the longer “ascending” ringtone stood for the company’s slogan, connecting people.

Although Morse codes are no longer the go-to method to send distress signals, it still has its value. 

When high-tech communication devices get fried in an EMP attack, signaling SOS by clinking rocks together will come in handy. 


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