Matthew McConaughey believes in being in the middle

Interstellar star, Matthew McConaughey, remains an interesting figure due to his aggressively centrist approach to politics. A position that seems unpopular in Hollywood, where people are more likely to be on the different ends of the political spectrum. 

During an interview with the English actor, Russel Brand, McConaughey called out the “illiberal left” in Hollywood for their condescending attitude against “the other 50 percent.”

McConaughey’s answer came after Brand asked him if he’s noticed liberal Hollywood’s “condemnation and criticism of ordinary working people.”

The Wedding Planner actor shared this attitude has made it difficult for two opposing political sides to come together. 

He also advocated for the meeting in the middle approach, which the left has to understand, he said. 

McConaughey referred to US President Donald Trump’s victory four years ago and compared it to former Vice President Joe Biden’s projected win. 

He pointed out that four years ago, people are also in denial about Trump’s win, same with the right now who are in denial of Biden’s win. 

People’s Great Divide

Right now, the US is in the middle of a transition after the elections in November. 

However, Trump and his supporters will not accept his defeat from the election, although a transition is already underway. 

This has made the divide between the right and the left worse as both sides have created their own stories and realities they’d rather believe than each other’s reasoning.

The Presidential podium

Centrism Alone is Not the Answer, Being Left of Center Is

What McConaughey said is true, people should learn to listen to one another, and being from different political spectrums is not the answer to that. People on the left would continue to push their own narratives and truth, the same with the right. Both will also use science to push their agendas on what they deem is right. 

However, just being in the middle is not the best way to mend this division. It takes more than listening to the other side. People need to listen more to what is right for everyone else. Being in the middle would only result in a stalemate. 

The reason it has come to this current situation with the left and the right is not just because of the different views of people. Instead, it is a result of a system that has failed people over and over. 

The reason Trump won the election in 2016 is that people hoped he would bring something new to the system. 

The reason why more people voted for Biden is that people are hopeful he will make things normal again. 

To create change in the system, it is not enough that you are in the middle. In fact, you also need to have a bit of a liberal mindset to enact them. 


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