#NoComradesUnder1K trends in Twitter today in both the United States and Canada.


What Did You Say, Comrade?

A Reddit user thought that the 1K in the hashtag referred to a USD 1,000 monthly wage.

The user further explained that the hashtag is being used by leftist for engagement.

The user goes on to clarify that every leftie or comrade should get 1000 followers.

Comrade is used to refer to a person who shares a socialist political view.

A socialist political view is considered as left-wing politics (leftie).

The directional label originated from the seating arrangement of French politicians.

The anti-royalists were seated on the left while the aristocrats seated on the right of the presiding officer.

Newspapers during the 1970s began referencing politicians as progressive left and traditionalist right. The political designation has been adopted beyond France since.

What Is Socialism?

Socialism refers to the political ideology that espouses on reforms through democratic processes existing in a current social and political structure such as elections.

Unlike communism, it does not call for a violent revolution to overthrow or replace an existing political structure.

Furthermore, this political ideology believes that education and universal healthcare are the responsibility of the state.

Countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are considered as socialist democracies for providing free education and healthcare to its citizens.

In America, the political stance of democratic socialism is growing.

Democratic socialists believe that workers should not be treated as cogs in a capitalist society.

They believe that changes for the benefit of people should be done in a democratic process rather than an uprising.

The trending hashtag tries to demonstrate the power of collective action, one tweet at a time.

The hashtag has been useful in tracking soviet style propaganda and interesting insights on what socialism is in today’s context.

Are you a comrade? Take this test to find out.  


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