Many young people are now utilizing social media to challenge alleged racist behavior among their peers.

The New York Times recently mentioned San Marcos High School whose students are taking part in the growing call-out  trend across the United States.

Oseas Garcia, a recent San Marcos alumni , said there can be consequences on both sides.

“Understanding the importance of a digital footprint, because everything you put on social media will stay there forever,” said Garcia.

Social media has been a place for people to expose the racism of late, but it’s long been a cradle for bullying and coarse content. Such call-out pages post snippets of racist behavior. Garcia told NBC7 that in the featured posts, he knows plenty of people from San Marcos High and other nearby schools.

“Just calling them out. Just telling them some racist stuff. Telling them they’re ignorant,” said Garcia. “I was disappointed in the person, but just looking long-term, it could destroy a person’s life.”

The call-out posts reveal faces, names, personal information, and cause grave repercussions for some students. Garcia mentioned that one of his friends’ college admission was even revoked.

Garcia reflects: “We may never know, like what if they did that two years ago as a freshman. And now they’re a junior and they have changed so much, done so much for the community, why not give them a second chance?” 

In its response to NBC7, the San Marcos Unified School District said in its statement that, 

“We want all of our students to feel welcomed and included at all of our schools. San Marcos High School is addressing all inappropriate/racist social media posts that have been shared and are using these as teachable moments. To be clear, we will implement a multilayered approach toward eradicating racism in our learning community”.


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