An artwork juxtaposing between Biden and Trump

 Last night, Biden and Trump go toe to toe, socially distanced of course, in the Town Hall debates leading up to the November election and we actually got some answers that we weren’t expecting. 

Of course we saw both parties pandering to their respective demographics, like Biden highlighting transgender rights, saying that “there should be zero discrimination” and Trump, as usual giving us the rigmarole of his greatest hits such as; “I’m going to replace Obamacare, how? I don’t know.” and of course not condeming QAnon and in fact praising them in their “battle against pedophilia”. 

However, we were shocked to see that Trump finally denounced white supremacy, not only once, but repeatedly. This is a large step forward for someone who has largely dodged that particular question in his 4 years in office. He said “are you listening? I denounce white supremacy,”. 

Biden and Trump responding to people's questions

Could this be possible? The Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes that day? Is it his mind riddled with some nameless substance in the president’s battle with COVID-19? I think it’s probably the latter with a hint of trying to stay relevant. I would like to say that the race for the presidency is really hotting up. However, in my already cynical point of view, I have a feeling we’ve seen this before. 

The democrats could actually learn something from Trump. Instead of looking for celebrity endorsement and trending topics, and with a dose of panache and showmanship, they could have a horse in this race. Instead, we’re probably going to get the same old regurgitated crap we’re sick of in our politicians. Is Biden done for? I don’t think so, but his outlook is certainly pretty grim.


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