Janine Huerta next to a man with a knife

Friends and family of a slain transwoman in Tijuana believe she is a victim of a hate crime against transwomen. 

Janine Huerta, transwoman, activist, health and rights advocate was found dead in her house in Tijuana last month, reports said. 

According to her friends and family, Huerta does not have any beef with anyone. 

People close to Huerta arrived at the victim’s house on the night of August 28, four days after the last time they saw her. 

Huerta just stopped answering messages and calls to her phone, which made her friends worry, they said.

Her friends and family then decided to visit her house.

Friends and family quickly noticed that things are amiss as soon as they arrived at Huerta’s place.

There were no answers when they call her, and there is a strange smell when they got close to her house. 

“There was a lot of blood” at the entrance of the house, said one of Huerta’s friends, per Zeta Tijuana. 

They found Huerta’s body lying on the floor, a black cloth was covering her, and she only had her underwear on. 

Janine Huerta's last few pictures

Lack of Care 

Huerta’s neighbors anonymously reported on August 27 that four men were removing stuff from her house. 

However, law enforcers in the area did not do anything about it. 

After the discovery of her body, Huerta’s investigation folder from the State Attorney General’s office classifies her sex as “to be determined,” per Zeta Tijuana.

A Surge of Violence Against LGBT+ People in Mexico

Mexico saw a surge of violence against the LGBT+ community in 2019, a rights group said in May, per Reuters.

More than 100 LGBT people were killed in Mexico in 2019 alone, said Alejandro Brito, Director of Letra S. 

Letra S is a non-profit human rights group in Mexico. 

Brito reported various forms of violence against LGBT people, before and after “they were murdered.”

Rosario Padilla, Director of Centro Servicios Ser, says the authorities do not protect the trans community, per Zeta Tijuana. 

According to Padilla, authorities in Baja, California do not include data on femicide against transwomen. 


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