More people join San Diego protests.

Different protests across the San Diego County occurred on Saturday.  

The events focused on Juneteenth demonstrations, coronavirus pandemic issues and protests against racial inequality and police brutality.

Rolling for Rights

More than a thousand skateboarders took to the streets of downtown San Diego to protest against racial injustice and police brutality on Saturday. Click here to read more about the many rollers.

Tyler Olson organized the event together with his friend. The two of them made a flyer, included details on it, and posted it on Instagram. 

Olson said, that the protest was for “all the black people that are being killed and murdered through the United States.”

“It’s a beautiful thing, we’re all coming together in the name of love” said Brandon Turner, another organizer of the event.  

The protest started at around 1PM near Balboa park and ended at the Embarcadero Marina Park, said an NBC report. 

“One thing about skateboarders is we know unity,” Rod James told NBC7. He added,“So we just wanted to get out and communicate with everybody the three L’s: learn, listen and love.”

Religious and Children’s Protests

Protesters, including children and religious worshipers took part in protests in different parts of the County

People gathered in San Marcos and other cities to take part in “We Pray San Diego”. The event ran for an hour.

Meanwhile, in Pacific Beach and Crystal Pier, protesters marched to call out racism, misogyny, and anti-LGBTQ speech. 

Protesters in the Pacific Beach urged the community, to “become more diverse” and, “stop pushing out Blacks and browns and LGBTQ people”. 

“Pacific Beach residents and business owners have been pushing the narrative that PB is a white community,” said Armon Harvey, “We March against Hate” organizer. 

Protesters including parents and children gathered at the Trolley Barn Park, University Heights to protest for Black Lives Matter. An approximate number of 200 people participated in the event.



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