The featured image is Mars. The reason is that the article is about welcoming people to sign up ang go to mars. Their names will be engraved in microchips to be sent to Mars.

Anyone can now go to Mars even without leaving the comfort of their homes. 


By going to the NASA’s official website and registering your name in its “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign. 

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

What’s The Campaign About? 

NASA reopened its “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign for people who wanted to include their names for a future mission to Mars, mid-2020s. 

People who register will have their names etched on a microchip to be sent to Mars.

They will also get a boarding pass complete with a serial number, to show off to other people.

Also, people who included their email address will get a “Frequent Flyer” title.

According to NASA, its “Frequent Flyer” program started in 2014, with Orion’s test flight. 

NASA launched the Perseverance rover to Mars on July 30, 2020.

It will arrive on Mars in 2020, it is the fifth Mars rover to visit the Red Planet since 1996.

As per NASA news report, Perseverance is bringing around 10.9 million names on its 2020 mission to Mars.

Mars Missions Through The Years

NASA launched its 5th rover, Perseverance, to Mars on Thursday. 

The rover is the “largest, heaviest, most sophisticated vehicle” to be sent to Mars, as per a NASA report. 

According to NASA’s planetary science director, Lori Glaze, it “sets a new bar” for human’s “ambitions” to go to the Red Planet. 

Furthermore, Perseverance will lead the way for future human explorations on Mars, said NASA

Before Perseverance, there were already countless spacecrafts sent to the Red Planet by different countries. 

Almost half of them failed in the past, said the Planetary Society.

However, the probability of success is increasing in recent years.

Previously, China sent its spacecraft to Mars, Tianwen-1, or “Questions to Heaven,” as per an Al Jazeera report. 

In the past years, NASA has also launched other missions to learn more about Mars through Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity. 


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