Name change.

There is currently an online petition circulating. What for? It’s a call to have the Andrew Jackson Post Office in Rolando area of San Diego renamed.

The petition suggests that the post office be instead named after Harriet Tubman. 

A resident Erik Anderson started the petition.

Citing that the seventh U.S. president’s ownership of hundreds of slaves.

He also argued that Jackson has a role in the forced relocation of Native Americans.


Anderson said considering what’s happening right now when it comes to racial issues, it makes sense to rename it.

“His name does not deserve glory in Rolando,” the petition reads in part. 

What Do The People Say About This?

Residents in the area have had mixed reactions to the idea of changing the Andrew Jackson Post Office name, said the report. 

Johnny Walsh said, “Growing up in the South, my entire life in South Carolina, I’ve seen some really nasty stuff. “

“Anything that stands for that I think needs to be taken down. I would be in support of changing that name to Harriet Tubman.”

While Juan Romero said the focus should be more on changing legislation rather than on renaming buildings.

“Personally, it doesn’t bother me. You can’t change the past,” said Romero.  

“All we can do here is get a good positive outlook and look forward positively from here.” 

Walsh said there is more behind the names and Tubman is an important figure in history that deserves recognition. 

“She was more than just about uniting people racially, she was about uniting people spiritually,” said Walsh.

“I think that needs to be looked at in our country.”

CBS 8 tried to reach out to San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez,

he represents the area about the petition.

However, CBS8 had not received a response as of Sunday evening.

Jackson was an American soldier and statesman.

He served as US president from 1829 to 1837.

There are many name changes happening right now, like Lady A. Do you agree with them?


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