A San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy was dismissed, said a CBS8 report.

Lt. Ricardo Lopez, media relations director for the regional law enforcement agency, said the deputy in question was suspended.

The deputy, whose name is withheld, was suspended pending the completion of an internal investigation into the matter.

Lopez said:

“We were so disgusted that an employee may have shared such a vulgar image.”

“(For) that within minutes we began to take action.”

“Hours after being made aware of this incident, the employee was removed”

“(He is out) from his official duties and had his peace officer authority removed.”

Why was he removed?

The deputy was sanctioned for allegedly shared a “lewd and racist and vile” altered photograph of George Floyd.

The image was doctored and showed a nude male “porn star” kneeling on Floyd.

It was supposed to be Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin.

The words “quit resisting” also were added to the picture, said the report.

Floyd died after Chauvin kneele over his neck for more than eight minutes.

The video is the incident had galvanized Americans to call for social justice and end systematic racism.

The outrage that followed after

A local civil rights leader called on the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Monday to fire a deputy.

NAACP San Diego Branch President Francine Maxwell said:

“The image was lewd and racist and vile and should disturb anyone with a shred of human decency.”

“It is simply unacceptable (behavior for) a law enforcement officer.”

Many were outrage by the deeds of the Sheriff’s Deputy.

The sheriff’s spokesman said the department’s leaders “understand the public concern.”

It added that the Sheriff’s Department “wants to bring the matter to a just conclusion as soon as possible.”

African-American Floyd’s death also resulted in other nationalities seeking the end to social injustice and systemic racism.


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