Senator Marco Rubio next to Anthony Fauci

Florida senator, Marco Rubio, attacked US top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci on Twitter. 

Rubio tweeted over the weekend that “Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March” and has been distorting vaccination numbers needed for “herd immunity.” 

Aside from that, he also accused “elite bubbles” who have been tricking the American public in “doing the right thing.” 

He wrote his attack a week after he got his COVID-19 vaccine shot and announced it to the public. 

The senator wrote on Twitter last week that he is “confident that the #COVID19 vaccine is safe & effective.” 

Rubio pointing fingers

Critics Call Out the Senator’s Hypocrisy 

After his tweet, critics are quick to call him out for his hypocrisy on matters relating to vaccines and Dr. Fauci. 

Also, it seems worse because the attack came after public health workers vaccinated him. 

Although the senator did not name names when he said “elite bubbles,” the epidemiologist, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, pointed out, he’s talking about public health experts. 

He posted on Twitter that Rubio ridicules Fauci, the vaccine, and health workers.

The epidemiologist also pointed out the senator’s use of his privilege in getting the vaccine. In fact, Rubio is not old, not an HCW, and not in a nursing home, yet, he’s one of the first who took the first vaccine shots. 

CNN’s medical analyst, Esther Choo, decided to give him a piece of advice. She wrote, if Rubio can’t be useful, “don’t derail the effort by slandering those who are actually leading us out of” the pandemic. 

The criticisms against the senator have been going on since health workers administered his shots. 

Critics have been accusing him of downplaying the pandemic, even as cases surge in Florida. At some point, he said that there is no evidence saying opening “restaurants and Disney World” are the causes of the surge. 

Also, in the past, Rubio was always seen not wearing face coverings during official events despite rising COVID-19 cases. 


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