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Selena Gomez Quits Hillsong After Pastor’s Affair

Selena Gomez beside a picture of Karl Lentz

Selena Gomez was disappointed, to say the least, and has decided to cut ties with the global megachurch Hillsong after pastor Carl Lentz admitted to cheating.

Disheartened and Disenchanted 

Page Six reported that Gomez, at some point, had a high opinion of Lentz, the former BFF of Justin Beiber, her ex.

However, Gomez became disillusioned and no longer wants to be associated with the charismatic Christian institution.

The 28-year-old singer, Gomez, considers herself a Christian and is disenchanted after Lentz’s scandalous affair with the designer, Ranin Karim.

Gomez “has a close relationship with God, and believes this is not how God wants us to operate,” according to The Daily Mail.

Justin Beiber and Hailey have also severed ties with Lentz since his affair was brought into the open, The Sun UK reports.

The couple who was friends with the celebrity pastor for years has unfollowed Lentz on Instagram.

Three More Women Came Out 

The ladies claimed that they had an affair with Lentz, the sacked pastor of Hillsong, the Sun reported last month.

Hillsong confirmed via a statement that they appointed a legal team to scrutinize other “cultural issues,” in another Sun article.

Furthermore, they are taking all issues very “seriously.”

A source connected with Hillsong told The Sun that the new claims surfaced on the ongoing probe.

The source told Sun that the women will not likely go public as they “do not want any media attention.”

Hillsong Church: A Series of Controversies

Hillsong has grown in size and has faced several issues:

The Sun UK reports Frank Houston confessed in 1999 to his son and Hillsong’s founder, Brian Houston, about abusing a boy.

Frank, who was also a pastor, molested a 7-year-old Australian boy, per Sun UK.

Brian, however, did not report the abuse to the authorities. 

He only suspended his dad and even gave him a retirement package.

Eight more allegations of s**ual abuse surfaced before Frank Houston died in 2004 of stroke.

Not even one was reported to the police.

Not to mention, former Hillsong members accuse the institution of being financially greedy.



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