The US. President, Donald Trump, is a political trailblazer in his own right.

He has put his spin on an otherwise established school of thought.

Before there was only a proactive or reactive presidency, he added another in the form on an in-active presidency.

A case in point is on how instead of governing the pandemic through the power of the federal government, he allowed state governments to manage and mitigate the coronavirus crisis.

Furthermore, the usual public relations protocol is the 3-Ds: dismiss, divert, diminish. Trump has added eager journalists onto his 3D method list.

Then, he is also exploiting legal loopholes galore, any chance he can he use it, like deploying unmarked federal enforcers in the capital, which is not a state, otherwise, it will be illegal to do so.

It is all in the name of flexing muscles to portray a strongman image.

Plowing Through

Let us just stick with the COVID-19 issue as a basis, for now.

There is plenty to go around if we stick to that issue alone.

During Trump’s visit to India, just before COVID-19 got blown out of proportion, he dismissed the virus.

He dusted it off his shoulder. Saying that cases would be down to zero soon.

Months later, his efforts to dismiss the severity of the virus became apparent because of an expose, that he was briefed about, as early as late 2019.

Still, he did not do anything about it, hence, he dismissed everything.

In terms of diverting the issue, he always has scapegoats on the ready in his sleeves. To name a few, he always refers to the virus as a Chinese virus, like “Kung Flu” as the martial arts Kung Fu also came from China; and, you got him blaming former President Barrack Obama for not doing anything about the virus, this is even though coronavirus only existed in 2019, consequently, the reason COVID-19 has 19 in its name.

Trump’s racism also became apparent as he kept asserting that the virus came from China.

Meanwhile, his politicking shows, he kept accusing Democrats with all the nasty things he could think of.

As for diminishing the coronavirus, a now-classic example is his persistence that the “virus will go away come summer.”

Summer is almost over and the virus is still here, and worst, his health experts warned that there could be a second wave of resurgence from the virus.

Even worse, now that fall is quickly approaching and the symptoms of the common flu are similar to COVID-19, a much more confusing scenario is to come. And as of the time of the writing of this report, there are now 4 million people in the US infected by the coronavirus.

Conversely, we came to the part where Trump has set a new bar for basic public relations.

He added into the mix the journalists whom he hates to answer any questions from.

It usually resulted in a character assassinating the media company the journalists are working for or the journalist themselves are assaulted.

This is his effort to dodge questions he doesn’t like or doesn’t have the answer to.

He may even count a combo attack once towards a Chinese-descent reporter. At this rate, he has just used the: divert and plowing-thru combo.

If it is a video game attack-like he is looking for, we may even see more than a combo in the future.

Like three or four consecutive attacks, like Ryu or any character from the Street Fighter game can.

Because a combo attack: is a classic on its own.

Inactive Presidency

As a manner of giving a palette cleanser from the overused COVID-19 samples, the current focus is much illustrated with how the Trump administration handles the Global Warming issue.

Going back on whether a seating President is proactive or reactive.

Recent history will tell, that Trump neither falls nor succeeds in this category.

This is another trailblazing act.

Obama joined the Paris Climate Agreement.

This Agreement “builds upon the Convention and for the first time brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects, with enhanced support to assist developing countries to do so.”

On June 1, 2017, Trump announced that the U.S. would cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation.

By the act of joining the Paris Agreement, Obama is classified as a proactive president.

Any president or leader that only response to whatever is hurled at them and not doing about it before it can get worst is a reactive president or leader.

However, Trump did not do any of those.

He threw caution out the window.

Thus, Trump is under the category of the inactive presidency.

Going back to the COVID-19 debacles that the US is currently in, this is due to Trump’s inactiveness and only leaving it to the states’ respective leadership to ride the pandemic is another classic Trump and an example of his vestige.

Going forward, we can consider every tombstone of those who died due to coronavirus as Trump’s relic. To date, there are more than 149,000 recorded deaths in the US. 

Loophole After Loophole

Donald Trump

Remember the Trump photo op fiasco?

It is not a botched event because he raised the Bible in an upside-down position.

Rather, it is the use of the National Guards and other uniformed law agencies that proliferated in the nation’s capital to disperse peaceful demonstrators.

The demonstration is related to the public’s call for social justice and end to systemic racism, which was sparked by the death of African-American George Floyd, who died after a police officer pressed his knees over his neck for more than 8-minutes.  

Well, there seems to be a legal loophole, that’s why they were there in the first place.

Since Washington D.C. is not a state and has no governor, deployment of the military, including the National Guards is under the command of the Washington National Guard commanding general, Major General William Walker.

And he answers to the secretary of the army, Ryan McCarthy.

Trump in early June reportedly threatened to “federalize” the National Guard.

This has the potential to give him the power to send them where he wants, even over the objection of a state’s governor.

He is said to be invoking the Insurrection Act to send regular troops where he deems fit.

This is another legal loophole that Trump is exploiting to do as he pleases.

A recent Washington Post article reported legal analysts said the administration unquestionably has the right to deploy federal officers to U.S. cities to enforce federal laws.

However, their power is not unlimited, and without the blessing of state or local authorities, they could not enforce state or local laws, legal analysts said.

They are there to protect federal buildings, but reports from Portland, convey an alarming reality. 

Unmarked federal officers are abducting people using unmarked vehicles, detaining them with cause, and assaulting demonstrators with teargas. 

Hence, this is also what is happening in Chicago and Kansas City, there were even reports that he intended to do the same in New York City and Albuquerque. 


At any point in reading this piece is already a microcosm of Trump’s legacy. He ought to rest his laurels and leave everybody be.

Unfortunately, he is still at the driver’s seat until something is done about it.  

He has raised the bar all right.

He has pushed the envelope, no doubt.

Trump has relied on his self-marketing skills that have developed into the Trump brand.

He is like a salesman introducing a new product, hence, he got the inactive presidency; and plowing into journalists as new commodities.

And to get things as he wanted to, despite obstacles in from of him: he will tap on your window: shout from across the lawn: and stuff some marketing stuff in your mailbox, hence, his loophole quest mentality. 

This is all in the name of making himself relevant. 

And it is all at the expense of the American citizens. 


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