The San Diego Police Department released a “critical incident video” of the shooting that happened in Downtown San Diego on Sunday, said a CBS8 report. 

Two San Diego police officers shot and injured a man in the 1200 block of Sixth Avenue at 5:45 pm, Saturday.

The police later identified the man as Leonardo Hurtado Ibarra. He is currently in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

Two officers noticed Ibarra walking out of a building, said Lt. Matt Dobbs of the San Diego Police Department. 

He said that the two officers recognized him as someone involved in a recent robbery. 

“When the officers attempted to contact the male, he refused to cooperate with their directions and walked away,” he explained. 

While he was walking, Ibarra dropped some items in his hands and “began reaching towards his waistband.”

The “critical incident video” that was released by the SDPD contains shots of the incident from different cameras. In it were shots from, a security camera, streetlight cameras, and two body-worn cameras.

In addition, there are also still images from the incident. 

The two officers discharged their service weapons after Ibarra pointed an object at an officer, it said in the incident video. 

They later identified the object as a “revolver in a bandana”. 

No officers were hurt during the incident, said CBS8. 

However, it was not clear whether Ibarra shot the officers or not. 

See the video here.

Protests After The Shooting

After the report of the shooting, demonstrators gathered for a protest. 

Some people went to the scene of the crime and chanted “Hands up, don’t shoot,” said the San Diego Union-Tribune. 


100 demonstrators held another protest in the crime scene the next day.

Prior to identifying Ibarra, the NAACP San Diego published a statement on the incident, said CBS8. 

The SDPD should fulfill its mandate “of prompt release of video evidence and officer records,” said the NAACP in its statement. 

“Now is [the] time to show bold leadership and come clean with the public. We will be watching very closely,” the statement concludes. 


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