The SDPD told KPBS, that they will not disclose the result of an internal investigation on a controversial June 4th arrest.

On June 4th, plainclothes officers arrested a woman and put her in an unmarked van.

One of the police officers threatened the woman’s companion and told them to not follow them.

The arrest was captured on video and became viral online. As a result, it sparked outrage from the community.

Eventually, the woman was identified as Shayla Piccini, a 20-year-old San Diego State University Student. 

Days after the arrest, Georgette Gómez, the San Diego City Council President, called for the event’s investigation.

SDPD Chief David Nisleit replied and confirmed that an internal investigation on the incident had already started. 

Investigation Outcome

The SDPD maintained that the California state law prohibits them from releasing the outcome of the investigation. 

“We do not make public findings made by our Internal Affairs Unit,” because “they are personnel investigations,” SDPD told KPBS via an email. 

Civil Servants’ Response

The investigation prevents the public from knowing about possible wrongdoings, said Lori Saldaña, a former assemblywoman, told KPBS.

“Abducting a young woman in front of her panicked friends” without any forms of identification is not sending a good message, she told KPBS. Moreover, “Is that effective policing?” she said. 

Saldaña has already filed a “Public Records Act request for more information” on the event. 

Citizens have the right to determine if a [police investigation] is “following procedures, safety, [and] protocol” Saldaña said. 

Current Assemblywoman, Lorena Gómez, vowed to push for more transparency on the incident. Furthermore, she will ask “for the findings to be made in public”

“We have to get this right”, Gómez said. In order to strengthen the effort of instilling trust between the police and the communities.  

Social Media Response

People are not happy with the decision to keep the police findings secret. 

Many people agree that the SDPD should release the findings. 

Others think that the incident creates more questions. One Twitter user thinks that the outcome is unacceptable and “further divides” the police from the community.


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