San Diego welcomed “tiny houses” into the city, said a CBS8 report.

This is after the San Diego City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the land development code.

This will allow moveable “tiny houses” to be permitted in the city as companions or junior units.

Councilman Scott Sherman said the amendment will allow the city and its residents to increase housing supply.

Particularly in space already zoned for residential use.

Sherman said:

“Moveable tiny homes are a great option that naturally increases affordable housing at no cost to taxpayers.

It’s a win for the homeowner, it’s a win for the renter, and it’s a win for the taxpayer.”

He added:

“I appreciate my colleagues’ support for this important housing reform.

We must continue pushing for common-sense solutions that result in naturally occurring affordable housing.”


On The Same Vein

On the same vein of easing the homelessness problem, the Super 8 motel is now okayed for housing the homeless.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced that families and children experiencing homelessness began moving into the transformed Super 8 motel.

In particular, he is referring to the Super 8 motel in the Egger Highlands.

This is after completing recent renovations.

Mayor Faulconer said:

“The recent rehabilitation of this motel presented us an opportunity to use it as a much-needed temporary shelter for families and children.

(They are) seeking safety and relief from the streets while they continue their search for a permanent home.”

In March, the City began moving families and children already in shelters to motel rooms.

This is to allow for proper physical distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The new facility includes 42 transitional housing rooms, laundry facilities, administrative offices, meetings, and training rooms.

There is also a shared kitchen, communal spaces, and outdoor patios and gardens.

This is according to the press statement released by the office of the Mayor.


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