A San Diego police officer was hit on the head by a cane during a protest about the Wisconsin police’s shooting of an unarmed Black man, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) reported. 

Around fifty-five people protested in front of the San Diego police headquarters on Monday, said SDPD.

According to them, the protesters were blocking the entrance and exit driveways to the headquarters.

The situation made it difficult for officers to go out and in the building. 

Later on, as the police officers “moved forward” to clear its entrance and exit of the protesters, one of them was hit with a cane on the head. 

Several other officers were punched during the event. 

The police arrested the individuals responsible for the attacks.

One arrest for the assault of an officer, another two arrests for obstruction. 

Wisconsin Shooting 

People are aghast due to a recent police shooting of an unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake. 

The Sunday shooting prompted protests in Kenosha County.   

On the night after Blake was shot, protesters marched towards the Kenosha County Public Safety Building to demand justice. 

Buildings were set on fire, including police buildings, as the protests became more rampant.

Several protests after the event also erupted in other parts of the US. 

The Viral Video Of The Event

A video of the event has been circulating on social media since Sunday. 

The video footage shows police officers following and pointing their guns towards Blake as he walks towards the door of his car. 

As soon as he opens and enters the car, one of the police officers pulled his shirt and shot him at point-blank range, multiple times. 

The video did not show the events leading to the shooting.

However, the owner of the video, Raysean White said that the police tasered and wrestled with Blake before he started recording the event. 


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