San Diego County hit its lowest coronavirus cases in weeks, said local health officials.

According to a KPBS report, San Diego County public health officials rounded the total number of cases to 24,520.

Meanwhile, the number of fatalities to reached 487.

This is after they announced 385 new COVID-19 infections and nine deaths.

It is just the third time in July that there were fewer than 400 cases.

Likewise, of the nine deaths, it is composed of five men and four women.

All deaths ranged in age from 66 to 97 and died between July 10th and 19th.

Also, all but one had underlying medical conditions.

Underlying Medical Conditions

According to Dr. Wilma Wooten, 95% of the 487 deaths in the county had underlying medical conditions.

Wooten is the county’s public health officer.

According to the report, out of the total of 9,030 tests on Tuesday, 4% returned positive.

The county’s 14-day rolling average of positive tests is now 5.8%.

This is below the state’s target of 8%.

Warning From The Board

Board of Supervisors Chairman Greg Cox warned that if people continue to refused to heed to any precautionary measures it will only get worse.

Cox said he understands the frustration with wearing masks, social distancing, and other precautions.

But it only aimed at keeping the virus from spreading.

Otherwise, he added “refusing to take these steps is just going to prolong” the pandemic.

Echoed Sentiments

Wooten echoed the Board’s sentiments.

She said:

“We implore you to not wait for someone you care about to lose the fight against COVID-19 before you take action.”

Besides, Wooten said the massive spike in cases began to occur after bars, hotels and gyms reopened June 12th.

Conversely, Wooten said the county is attempting to hire more contact investigators.

There is 97 set to come on board Friday and another 212 in the hiring process.

The number of cases continues to rise in people between the ages of 20 and 49, the report added.

Moreover, the county is hiring people in their 20s.

This is to prompt the county to aim efforts at educating younger people.


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