San Diego City Council President, Georgette Gomez, will propose to extend the eviction moratorium until March, said a KPBS report.

This is to give ample time for residents to make up rent payments missed.

Gomez will ask for the council’s support to extend the rent-payment deadline until March 31, 2021.

The scheduled council meeting will be on Tuesday.

The Previous Moratorium

The City Council previously issued a moratorium.

Which was passed in March and set to expire on September 25th.

The eviction moratorium prohibits landlords from evicting renters and small businesses that are unable to cover their rent or lease payments due to the pandemic.

However, the moratorium does not forgive all rent but gives tenants additional time to pay it.

Gomez said this is to give San Diegans a relief from the effects of the pandemic.

She noted that there is a rising unemployment and the expiration of the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit.

This gives San Diegans more leeway to make their rental payments.

More Time

Gomez underscored the importance of giving San Diegans more time.

In her issued statement, she said: 

“Unfortunately, the pandemic is not subsiding, unemployment remains high.

(Also) many businesses are still struggling, and the federal government’s response has been woefully inadequate.

It is absolutely critical that we give San Diegans more time.”

Thousands Gathered For Religious Event

More than 1,000 people attended the gathering where there was music and people were baptized, said CBS8 report.

The church gathering and protest at Cardiff State Beach drew a lot of attention over the weekend.

Moreover, state lifeguards said there is no permit for the event.

Organizer, Sean Feucht, posted the video on his Facebook page.

It had thousands of views as of Monday night.

San Diego County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten said there were clear violations.

Wooten said:

“Obviously we are very saddened by the violations that were witnessed on Sunday.”

She noticed that only a few people were wearing masks, and there was no regard for social distancing. 


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