Plasma Donor Screening

San Diego Blood Bank announced that they will test all blood donations for SARS-CoV2 antibodies beginning Monday, said CBS8.

This will also help in the screening and identifying potential convalescent plasma donors.

The SARS-CoV2 antibodies are the virus that cause the coronavirus.

The test aims to detect if a person’s immune system has developed antibodies to the SARS-CoV2 virus.

The report noted that this is not a diagnostic test and will not detect active infections or recent exposure.

The donors who are found positive for SARS-CoV2 can be able to donate COVID-19 convalescent plasma.

The plasma is being used to treat critically ill coronavirus patients, said the report.


University of California SD To Conduct Regular COVID-19 Tests

The University of California in San Diego said they planned to test students and faculty for COVID-19 on a regular basis.

 Dr. Robert Schooley, a professor of medicine at UC San Diego said:

“We want to be able to come back in the safest way possible.

“One of the key features of that is to be able to monitor for presence of the virus.”

USSD planned to start this practice in fall while keeping precautions by doing tests.

The said university it plans on “having all around campus a bunch of collection boxes, each of which would contain a stock of individually wrapped swabs.”

“Each swab would have associated with it a QR code,” said Schooley.

He continued the instruction:

“We’ll have loaded on the app a barcode reader that will attach the identity of the person using the swab.

“They will pop the barcode,

“(Afterwards) pull the swab out of the sleeve, swab their mouths.

“(Then) stick the swab back into a plastic sleeve, and then drop it in the box.”

Those boxes of samples will be picked up every two to three hours.

It will be taken into the university’s Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine.

Here the samples are registered into the system with barcodes.

Then it is off to the molecular laboratory for COVID-19 testing.


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