The Scientific American editorial board posted an online endorsement of Joe Biden on Tuesday.

The endorsement came after President Trump dismissed the relation of climate change to the wildfires ravaging California, per Associated Press (AP).

The popular science magazine’s endorsement is unprecedented in its 175-years of non-partisan and objective publication. 

A Departure From Publication Tradition 

One just doesn’t break this “175-year old tradition” lightly, Laura Helmuth told Washington Post on Tuesday.

In fact, the oldest continuously-published magazine “would love” to steer clear “of politics,” Helmuth, the editor in chief said.

We, however, can no longer “ignore” President Trump’s “anti-science” attitude, Helmuth added.

The editorial board felt that “making an endorsement” is a duty in “this election,” Helmut told CNN on Tuesday.

Helmuth, therefore, wants to “use” the magazine’s “reputation to help people understand” that the upcoming elections are the “most important election of our lifetimes.”

Biden Tapped By Science 

The Scientific has not endorsed anyone for ages.

Besides, for the magazine to endorse Joe Biden as President is not a thing to be taken lightly, said the publication on its website.

We compel you to “vote for Joe Biden”, The Scientific wrote.

Joe Biden has prepared fact-based “plans” to put Coronavirus under control, upgrade “health care,” reduce carbon emissions, and “restore” legitimate science its function in lawmaking.

Furthermore, Biden “solicits” experts’ advice, and has transformed that “knowledge into solid policy proposals,” according to The Scientific.

Mixed Reactions 

The Twitter community met the endorsement with mixed reactions.

S.E. Cupp, a political commentator, and writer tweeted her concurrence with the magazine’s arguments and its “scathing rebuke” of anti-science Trump.

Cupp is planning to vote for Biden, per her Twitter post.

The columnist, however, also tweeted her “mixed feelings” about the magazine’s use of its “scientific” authority and “credibility.”

On the other hand, author and psychology professor, Geoffrey Miller felt betrayed by the endorsement.

He called the endorsement a let down of its 175 years of principles.

The magazine went total “partisan” for the sake of “some cheap” and fleeting “virtue signaling.”

The University of New Mexico professor also tweeted, “your magazine” used to have “some integrity”, per AP.


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