Selena Gomez next to the poster for Saved by the Bell

The 2020 reboot of the popular TV sitcom, “Saved by the Bell” earned a lot of backlash from Selena Gomez fans after it featured a joke pertaining to the artist’s 2017 kidney transplant, reports said.

What the Joke is About

In its sixth episode, two minor characters from the sitcom are arguing about Gomez’s kidney transplant donor. 

One of the characters can be heard saying that Selena’s donor was “Justin Bieber’s mom.” She also added she wished she had her phone to prove it. On the other hand, the other girl answered it was “Demi Lovato” because they are best friends. 

Later in the episode, during a locker room scene, you can see there is something written on the wall. 

The writing on the wall says:

“Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney?”

This reference did not go unnoticed to Selena fans, who decided to call out the show. The phrase “Respect Selena Gomez” even trended on Twitter on Saturday.

The scene is “so disgusting and unnecessary,” says Twitter user @jndolls. 

Another Twitter user, Alex, asked why the reboot is “using Selena Gomez’s health problem as a joke?”

Saved by the Bell Apologized 

“Saved by the Bell” released a statement apologizing for the joke, per a Variety report.

“We apologize,” per the statement. 

According to “Saved by the Bell” it was never their intention to “make light” of the singer’s health. 

A screengrab from the problematic episode

In addition, they’re already in contact with Gomez’s team and would donate to her charity, “The Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC.”

Gomez’s kidney donor, “Grown-ish” actress, Francia Raisa also shared on her Instagram that “Saved by the Bell” personally apologized to her. 

Raisa shared she “truly appreciate” the gesture, per the Daily Mail. 

However, she also said the “public apology” should also acknowledge donors who might have been offended by the joke. 


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