Sausage King was found dead in a Sauna in Russia after being shot with a crossbow

Russian investigators say suspects broke into Vladimir Marugov, Russia’s “sausage king’s”, house Sunday night while he and his partner were in the sauna, per Independent.

Sausage King Tied Up by Intruders 

The masked intruders then tied up the owner of the “Ozyorsky Sausages” and “Meat Empire” factories and partner, Sabina Gaziyeva.

Gaziyeva, however, managed to escape through the window and then contacted the police.

When the police finally arrived at the Sausage King’s estate in Istra, it was too late.

The attackers already killed the owner of the largest meat-processing plants in Russia, Independent reported.

Police later recovered the crossbow that assailants used to kill the sausage businessman.

BBC cited the Investigative Committee as saying the intruders demanded cash from Marugov, before fleeing in an automobile.

Afterward, the Investigative Committee found the getaway vehicle on the outskirts of the town of Istra, outside Moscow, per BBC.

A kid shooting a crossbow in the forrest

A Suspect In Police Custody, Another On The Loose 

The Guardian reported that one of the two suspected attackers was arrested by the investigators.

 The suspect “acquired the crossbow in a shop in Moscow,” said Russia’s Investigative Committee representative. 

The spokesperson also said that the suspect was “directly involved” in the assault on the sausage mogul, per the Guardian.

The unidentified suspect, however, refused to collaborate with the investigation.

The investigators said they raided an apartment that belongs to the suspect on Tuesday and discovered a pensioner chained to a bedpost.

The pensioner, held against his will, told police that he was pressured to sign over his Moscow apartment.

Police are still seeking a second murder suspect in the case, the Guardian reported.

Grim Family Life 

The multimillionaire dreamed of passing the business to his son, later on, his grandchildren, per the Daily Beast.

That dream, however, fell apart years ago when Marugov left his wife, Tatiana Marugova, for his partner, Gaziyeva, the Daily Beast reported.

Marugov divorced Tatiana but handed over an apartment, a villa, and his sausage factory to Tatiana and son.

The Daily Beast reported that the sausage mogul changed his mind eventually, not to mention demanded all his property back.

In response, his ex-wife appeared on a TV gossip show to give details of his unfaithfulness, per the Daily Beast.

Later on, his son, Alexander, perished in an accident in Moscow in July 2019, according to the Daily Beast.

Targeting individuals who have deep pockets is nothing new.

The multimillionaire sausage-king reportedly has enemies in his circle, not to mention, has family feuds over the property.

Now, this won’t make the investigation easier.

If you are filthy rich and have numerous enemies, do yourself and the police a favor by hiring lots of bodyguards. 


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