More than a month after her birth and more than 18,000 votes later, The San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Pasqual Valley finally announced the name of a giraffe calf.

San Diego Zoo has chosen the name Zahara for the baby giraffe. The name is derived from Arabic origins.

Zahara was born to first-time mom Zawadi.

Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo said the new baby giraffe can be seen through their websites — and, they dedicated a so-called Giraffe Cam for Zahara.

Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The zoo has launched a name the baby giraffe contest after it was born.

The other name voters could have chosen in the poll was Zeena.

Matt Galvin, lead wildlife care specialist at the Safari Park, said, “This calf is normally so very calm and collected. Not much bothers her. She is usually content to nap in the shade while the adults browse nearby, but we’ve noticed on occasion, she does get overly excited and zooms through the savanna.”

According to researchers, there are fewer than 100,000 giraffes left in their native habitats, a decrease of more than 40% over the last 20 years.

David O’Connor, a researcher for San Diego Zoo Global  added, “Despite the grim status of giraffes overall, we are seeing signs of hope with a few giraffe populations, leading us to believe our efforts are indeed working,” 


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