The world-famous San Diego Zoo may be closed to the public, but its current virtual visit gives  a more “intimate experience” for its patrons.

Steve Chapple Executive Director of the STEAM Leadership Series said oftentimes, field-trips here are self-guided and students were not allowed to be this close.

“It gives you a more intimate feel to see how the elephants react with the experts there,” he said.

Before this so-called field-trip, participating students watched modules provided by the zoo’s My Academy website about elephants and giraffes to get them prepared.

They also received school credit. Moving forward, those involved said they hope to continue creating experiences like this, making them even more accessible to kids near and far, said CBS8.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, students all over San Diego have been doing virtual learning thanks to the partnership between San Diego Zoo Global and San Diego Unified and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

San Diego Zoo Global teamed up with San Diego Unified as part of its STEAM Leadership Series. STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math-helps connect high school students with experts in those fields.

Normally, students do that in person, but due to pandemic regulations, they had to get creative, the report added.

Now students can watch via a computer or phone, where they were able to ask questions.


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