As all 50 US states joined the fray to fight injustice for the recent death of African-American George Floyd, one world-renowned San Diego-based institution gave their two cents about the issue.

World-famous San Diego Zoo had expressed their concern over the death of Floyd and condemned the “senseless killings” of others in the hands of law enforcers.

In a press release, San Diego Zoo said “It has been heartbreaking to see what has happened across the country and in our own community over the past few days. The senseless killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner and so many more innocent black men and women is unacceptable and wrong on every level.”

As a global nonprofit organization, they said the zoo not only values animal conservation but “human issue(s)” too.

“We can’t ask our guests, our supporters and our community to respect wildlife if we don’t first respect and value each other, and the beauty and differences that make us who we are. We are a richer community when we empower and enable diverse voices,” said the press release.

The Zoo also recognized that they too need to establish change within their ranks.

“We all have a lot we can learn together from this moment. And we pledge to start within our own organization and industry to take steps toward greater inclusion of people of color. We have already begun this work, but it’s clear we must accelerate it,” said San Diego Zoo. 


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