San Diego Unified announced that they will start “online” schooling on August 31st.

SD Unified said this in a Joint Statement with Los Angeles Unified School Districts regarding online start to school year.

The statement reads:

“Unfortunately, much of the research is incomplete and many of the guidelines are vague and contradictory.

The skyrocketing infection rates of the past few weeks make it clear the pandemic is not under control.

Therefore, we are announcing that the new school year will start online only.”

Also, they added that instruction will resume on August 18th in Los Angeles Unified.

What The Schools Have Done So Far


They also underscored what the schools doing so far, alongside the spread of the coronavirus.

The statement highlighted its achievement for the past four months.

The school district provided more than 47 million meals to families and distributed more than 250,000 computers to students.

Moreover, they also trained more than 35,000 educators in online learning.

Moving Foward

The statement also included their plans that will continue “this breakneck pace.”

This includes the school year resuming as scheduled.

Teachers will receive expanded training in online education to better meet the needs of students.

Students will receive additional training at the start of the year to become better online learners.

Increasing online supports for parents to make it easier for them to participate in the education of their students.

·Also, principals will continue customized planning for the safest possible reopening this fall.

·Finally, the schools continuously provide free meals at the current distribution stations.

Calling The Federal Government

They also asked for the federal government to provide schools with the resources we need to reopen in a responsible manner.

This is after the American Academy of Pediatrics reversed course and said it was no longer confident that opening schools.

Citing we are currently in the middle of a public health crisis.

The statement added:

“That reversal symbolizes the speed with which schools continue to receive vague and conflicting information.”

They are referring to information from the medical and scientific communities.

Due to this, they claimed:

“It is (now) clear (that) our two systems will need to create our own source for reliable scientific information.”

Los Angeles Unified plans to update the community in early August.

Meanwhile, San Diego Unified will provide a public assessment on August 10th.

This is to gauge how soon after the first week of school, a physical return to class would be possible.


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