The City of San Diego, along with the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) announced on Tuesday the purchase of two hotels in housing the city’s homeless citizens. 

The city announced the purchase of the Residence Inns in Mission Valley and Kearny Mesa.

The properties will cost $106.5 million, per 10-News

Moreover, the transformed properties will house more than 400 individuals. 

The hotels will be converted to more than 300 housing units, including “supportive services,” per a San Diego City news release.

City Councilmember Chris Ward believes that connecting housing with services, “is the only way to end an individual’s homelessness.” 

The region must continue implementing best practices “to protect the most vulnerable,” Ward said.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer also wrote the announcement on his Twitter post. 

According to his tweet, the city “is housing homeless individuals” faster than last year.  

The use of hotels is “another opportunity” to end “the cycle of homelessness” for more people, Faulconer said. 

Identifying hotels for the homeless started in March, and twenty-nine were reviewed by SDHC, per the city’s news release. 

The two hotels are already in good condition, the city said, so it does not require any huge renovation work.

The city council is yet to approve the purchase in October. 

Once the city council approves it, the new housing will be ready by December, per 10-News.

On April 1st, the city launched Operation Shelter to Home, to aid homeless individuals through a temporary shelter amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The operation has helped more than five-hundred individuals get housing, per the news release. 

Not A Temporary Shelter

The properties are not temporary shelters, but permanent homes, says Scott Marshall of the SDHC, per 10-News.

These homes “will provide” the homeless “a path out of the shelter and off the streets,” says Marshall. 

Moreover, Marshall also shared the setup might “turn away people from the area.” 

With this in mind, “the city has to manage” the situation effectively, he said. 


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