The San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) and local clergy from numerous faiths and denominations had spoken out and defended black lives in a press conference held at the Roman Catholic Diocesan Pastoral Center.

They also demanded for local police accountability, said a CBS8 report.

Bishop Robert McElroy of the San Diego Catholic Diocese, who led the conference, called on the faith community to recommend reforms in law enforcement agencies.

This is to ensure fair and just treatment of all residents, regardless of their skin color.

“It lies in understanding that genuine healing for our nation can only be found in a radical effort to accompany the African-American community in their weariness and rage and hope and despair that have been formed and deformed upon the anvil of racism,” Bishop McElroy said.

“Ours must not be an episodic response that seeks to calm the waters of racial turmoil and then return to normalcy. The only authentic moral response to this moment in our nation’s history is a sustained conversion of heart and soul to genuinely comprehend the overwhelming evil of racism in our society, and to refuse to rest until we have rooted it out,” he added.

The report added, that while protesters across the country have been demanding that police be defunded over the outrage of the deaths of black people in police custody, the San Diego City Council voted almost unanimously to increase police funding.


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