San Diego cop suspended after a disturbing post on social media

The San Diego Police Department suspended an officer without pay and stripped him of his police powers. According to reports, the officer, Jonathon Lucas, allegedly posted a disturbing post on Instagram. Police Chief David Nisleit announced the news during a press conference on Tuesday.

According to Nisleit, he felt “disturbed” and “shocked” after he heard about the officer’s conduct, which is now under investigation. 

Moreover, Nisleit said that what Lucas did is against the Department’s policy.

During the press briefing, Chief Nisleit also apologized to Ibarra’s family.  

“I want to apologize to the Ibarra family,” he said. 

The post in question is a mockery of a memorial for a man who died in a police-related shootout in June. 

Previously, the Daily Mail published two screenshots from the officer’s alleged Instagram account, with the handle, paw_patrollin.

The first screenshot shows a makeshift memorial for Leonardo Ibarra, with crying and laughing emojis, and the hashtag, #EASTSIDE.

The second screenshot shows that the account is in private mode. 

Cat Mendonca, from the United Against Police Terror San Diego, said a person who wanted to remain anonymous sent the photo to the organization, per the Daily Mail. 

According to Mendonca, the anonymous person follows the officer on Instagram and says it is from Lucas’ account. 

It Resurfaced the Family’s Pain

Ibarra’s family told reporters that what Lucas did took them back to the time when Ibarra died. 

“He took us right back,” said Veronica Hurtado, Ibarra’s Aunt, per NBC.

 “It’s like the days hasn’t(sic) passed,” she added. 

In June, police officers, including Lucas, chased and shot Ibarra while walking out of a building at Sixth Avenue. 

The police Department, during that time, released a “critical incident video” which consists of various footage from the shootout. 

The officers said they recognized Ibarra as someone involved in a robbery, so they tried to get his attention by calling him. 

However, he started walking away, and when Ibarra pointed an object at the officer’s, they started shooting him.

Ibarra was sent to the ICU and died after succumbing to his injuries. 


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