On Tuesday, the state of California officially removed San Diego County off the state’s COVID-19 monitoring list, the California government’s official COVID-19 website reported. 

Another county, Santa Cruz, was removed on Friday.

Before it was taken off the state’s monitoring list, the county of San Diego was able to maintain a five-day streak of low COVID-19 cases, health officials reported. 

Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego’s Public health authority, relayed on Monday, an official state review on San Diego’s case rate. 

According to her, a state official confirmed that the first day the San Diego County was below the state’s case rate limit was on Saturday.

Local officials, however, originally reported that it was on Friday. 

State officials explained that they found a lot of backlogs that caused error and alteration on the number of cases, resulting in the county’s delayed removal. 

San Diego is the only South California county to be off the monitoring list at the moment. 

Other Southern Californian counties have been on the state’s monitoring list for more than three days, as per data from the California government. 

California reported 632, 667 positive COVID-19 cases in the whole state, 11,342 cases among them resulted in death. 

As of Tuesday, there are still 30% available beds in the state’s hospitals and 65% ventilators available for the people. 

SDSU’s School Reopening

The San Diego State University (SDSU) also started their “move-in week” on the same day that the county was taken off the state’s monitoring list. 

According to the University, as per a CBS8 report, there will be fewer students coming to the university compared to the past years. 

The university has also released its safety measures to be used by students and faculty alike. 

Some measures listed on their guidelines are: 

  1. Protective screens placed on desks 
  2. Signage to remind people of proper hygiene
  3. Hand sanitizers near the entrance and exits of the school 
  4. Limited number of people in an area
  5. Disinfecting communal areas multiple times daily
  6. Physical distancing

The school has also announced its implementation of better ventilation across the campus.


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