In an unexpected turn of events, it appears a gym that has constantly defied the county’s coronavirus restrictions, will be able to go back to business without paying any fines, KPBS reported.

The Boulevard Fitness in University Heights defied the county’s restrictions for opening indoor businesses for more than two months. 

However, the gym temporarily closed its gym last week after getting a letter from the City Attorney’s Office.

In the letter, the Attorney’s office told the gym’s owner, Shawn Gilbert, to either close the gym immediately or pay hefty fines of around $2,500 for each day the gym opened illegally. 

On Monday, the gym went back to business with a 10% customer capacity.  

This is after Governor Gavin Newsom passed California’s new guidelines creating leeways for businesses with indoor operations to operate in a limited capacity. 

Currently, the county of San Diego has a “substantial” level of COVID-19 infection, or at tier-2.

Also, it is the only county in Southern California who is at this level, most are at tier-1.

Boulevard Fitness got more than one hundred complaints, and a cease and desist order from the San Diego Police from July until August.

This is after Governor Newsom released guidelines restricting indoor operations in July due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in the state. 

Staying In Compliance 

The City Attorney’s Office said in an email to KPBS that Gilbert does not have to pay any fine, as long as the gym stays in compliance with whatever regulation is in effect. 

On August 28th, the gym posted its new rules and regulations on its official website.

According to the gym, it can only accommodate around forty-two people or 10% capacity of its facility.

Also, clients need to sign a waiver and declare that they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms. 


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