In a CBS8 report, a grandmother in San Diego was scammed out of $9,000, after getting a call that her grandson was in trouble. 

The victim has shared a security video showing the suspect, a woman walking up to her door to get the money and the victim handing the money to the suspect.

According to the grandmother, it all started with a phone call with a voice that she cannot recognize, but when it called her grandma and told her that he was in trouble, “it psychologically put me in a mood, all I thought was getting him out”, the victim said. 

The voice on the phone then started telling the victim that he was taken into jail for a criminal offense like a DUI because he endangered the life of another person by being on the telephone while in his car. 

The voice also told the victim not to tell anyone, especially his mom and dad, because he wanted to tell them in person. 

A fake attorney told her on the phone to get them $9,000 in cash and tell the bank that she’s getting money for house upgrades. 

A woman went to her house that same day and took with her the money. 

“(She was) African American, attractive girl. I noticed her eyes were very pretty. She had an Ashley necklace on. She had a blue mask on and seemed to be 5’6” or 5’7”, average build. “ Said the victim. 


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