The San Diego County Board of Supervisors said they have unanimously approved to adopt a framework to reopen businesses in a safe manner during the coronavirus pandemic.

The framework involves guidelines on employee and customer safety, sanitation, physical distancing, and general business practices and communications, said KUSI News.

County officials are also preparing to loosen business restrictions on some retail stores in conjunction with the state on Friday.

San Diego County officials continued to remind residents to stay diligent about social distancing and facial coverings.

“Keep in mind we haven’t crossed a finish line. This is not the beginning of the end, rather the end of the beginning. We will not truly be out of the weeds until we have a vaccine or therapeutic treatments,” County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said.

County Supervisor Greg Cox added that the public’s compliance has “pulled us away from the edge,” but the county is still in the “danger zone.”

County health officials reported 93 new coronavirus cases and five additional deaths on Monday, raising totals to 4,020 confirmed cases and 144 deaths.

Governor Gavin Newsom, for his part, acknowledged the cooperation of the majority of Californians.

“Millions of Californians answered the call to stay home and thanks to them, we are in a position to begin moving into our next stage of modifying our stay at home order. But make no mistake — this virus isn’t gone. It’s still dangerous and poses a significant public health risk,” said the Governor. 


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