More than a hundred salon industry workers and owners marched the streets of Little Italy on Monday to demand assistance from local leaders during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Salon workers and owners marched from Kettner Blvd. to the County Administration Building while holding up signs that read “save our salons,” CBS8 reported. 

The industry is calling out for the complete reopening of salons indoors, or funding from the government. 

Currently, the county’s health public order prohibits them from working indoors and is only allowing outdoor operations. 

However, the recent heatwave makes it hard for business owners and workers to work outside.

“Our industry is being slowly destroyed,” Rebecca Hyde Edwards, owner of a salon in Little Italy, told CBS8 during the event. 

“We need new funding,” she added. 

According to her, keeping her business alive amid a pandemic has been difficult. 

She told CBS8 that “the fact” that salons are being closed again is fine; however, the local government should “support” them. 

She added that her staff had already set up a “GoFundMe” page to help her pay for her $16,000 rent.

“It shouldn’t be coming from them,” she told CBS8, “it should come from the local leaders of the state or the county.”  

Other salon workers have also shared their disappointment. 

The salon industry is “a little mind blown” of getting “shut down again,” Regina Gregory, a salon worker from Vista, told Fox News San Diego. 

“It’s just crazy,” she said and cited that their industry is one of the “safest industries” there is. 

She pointed out that they had “1600 hours” of “sanitation and disinfection” training. 

Local Government Response

The office of Mayor Kevin Faulconer sent CBS8 a statement on the issue. 

According to the mayor’s office statement, more than a thousand businesses have already received aid from San Diego’s Small Business Relief Fund. 

There is also an additional $700,000 allotted “for businesses in underserved communities.”

Moreover, a letter was sent to Governor Gavin Newsom to clarify new business guidelines once the county is lifted off the state’s COVID-19 watch list. 


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