The county of San Diego, the second-largest county in California narrowly avoided the dreaded purple tier in California’s reopening guidelines on Tuesday.  

It means that businesses who can reopen recently will not have to close again due to the amount of positive COVID-19 cases in the county. 

Currently, the county is now at the red tier. 

The county is reporting a 6.9 case rate per 100,000 individuals, said a State data reported on Tuesday.

If the county reported a 7, the state will move it to the purple tier and wait at least three weeks to go back to a less restrictive tier.  

Last week’s rate was 7.9 and it put the county in the warning list, per ABC News. 

According to Mark Ghaly, California’s Health and Human Services Agency secretary, the county “worked hard” in curbing COVID-19. 

San Diego’s effort includes intensified contact tracing and testing. 

Moreover, the county is still studying the factors of a sudden spike in its rate this month, said Ghaly. 

More than 800 cases reported at the San Diego State University(SDSU) affected the county’s sudden spike.

Nothing to Celebrate For

Despite the good news, local leaders and San Diego citizens still worry about the future. 

Businesses will have to close again if the county reported more cases for the next two weeks. 

Moreover, some businesses worry that they cannot survive another business closure. 

A business owner told ABC that the situation “is very frustrating.” 

They felt “very relieved” that they don’t have to close their business “we’re still on the same roller coaster,” she said. 

Supervisor Jim Desmond also took to Twitter after the state’s confirmation about its tier. 

Staying in the same red tier should not be a cause for celebration, he posted on Twitter.

According to Desmond, there are no business plans for gyms and restaurants operating at a smaller capacity. 

He also found it “ridiculous” that Churches are limited to a hundred persons “while marijuana shops remain open.” 

Last week, the supervisor proposed to disregard the state’s rules in San Diego. 


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