Classy as ever, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said San Diegans showed the nation how social distancing on the beach is done.

“Today you stayed classy, San Diego, because you followed the beach rules developed by lifeguards and public health officials,”

Mayor Faulconer said in a statement.

“We’ve all seen beaches around the country reopen to pandemonium. Today the nation saw San Diego acting like America’s Finest City. This was just the first day, so we are continuing to ask for the public’s cooperation and compliance,” he added.

He said this was because people took the social distancing seriously.

In the break of dawn, surfers were the first to be at the beach. Then followed by runners and joggers, with some families strolling.

“We saw people walking and jogging. We did not see people hanging out on the beach. That is the good thing,” said Faulconer.

He was also grateful to the lifeguards and the first responders who were constantly reminding people to keep social distancing in mind.

“It is a good start. Today was a start, we have to keep it out if we want to continue the process and eventually move to phase two in our beaches and our bays,” said the Mayor in a press briefing.


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