Dozens of peaceful protesters took to Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s house, chanting “shame on you,” to oppose the city council’s approval of a budget that would add $27 million to the San Diego Police Department, said a KNSD report.

Protesters are reacting to the San Diego City Council decided to adopt the proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

They are calling for the defunding of SDPD and reallocation of the department’s funds.

The council voted 8-1 to adopt the proposed budget.

The clamor to defund the police force was triggered by the death of African-American George Floyd who died after a Minneapolis Police officer who kneeled over his neck during an arrest.

In a press briefing Tuesday, the Mayor said the budget in question is needed in able to “move forward.”

“We must also help our nation acknowledge and act systemic racism that has held back far too many Americans from their true potentials. The budget that the City Council adopted yesterday lays a foundation for our city to move forward on theses fronts, I have signed it,” he explained.

He further clarified that “ We’ve asked our (police) officers to be social workers; we’ve asked our officers to be mental health clinicians and we’ve asked our officers to resolve disputes between neighbors; we’ve tasked our officers with fixing so many of our societal problems that are no law enforcement problems.  And there is other professions (that) are better suited to address these important issues.”

The Mayor, also during his press briefing said that for the first time there will be a body created to specifically handle “race and equity.”

“I was also proud of yesterday’s budget to support the creation of the first office of race and equity with 3 Million dollars for community equity fund these are first for our city and they’re in part and credit to every resident who has made their voice be heard,” said the Mayor.

Further, he added that the council vote was fruitful and yield a meaningful result for the “disadvantage communities.”

“The city council this afternoon with my strong support cast a critical vote. Fifty percent ( 50%) of the federal stimulus funds for small businesses will be directed to historically disadvantaged communities,” said the Mayor. 


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