The dismissed emissary worked at the trade division of the Russian embassy in Oslo according to Norwegian foreign ministry spokeswoman, Trude Maaseide.

“He has engaged in actions” that are unbecoming of a diplomat,” the spokeswoman said.

In Cahoots With A Suspected Spy

The expelled envoy, allegedly, was the Russian intelligence officer that an arrested spy on Saturday, was meeting in a restaurant in Oslo, according to Norwegian officials.

Violation Of Diplomatic Immunity?

The Russian consulate said on Facebook that the trade representative working for the Russian embassy was “unjustifiably ‘detained’.” 

The Norwegian Police Security Service, likewise, unjustly frisked the diplomat during a so-called “meeting with a Norwegian” national.

The Russian Embassy also protested that the Norwegian authorities’ actions infringed on the envoy’s “diplomat status.”  

The Russian Diplomat’s Alleged Minion 

Apart from being a Norwegian national who was born overseas and in his 50s, there were concrete details about the alleged spy.

Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) or the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, however, recognized him as Harsharn Singh Tathgar.

On Tuesday, the man’s employer said that he supervises an industry project on 3D printing on Norway-based merger, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL).

DNV GL, the largest technical consultancy to the global renewable energy and oil and gas industry, said in a statement:

“During his time” with us, he worked on a few projects mainly within “materials technology.”

When he was apprehended, he “led a joint industry project on 3D printing,” DNV GL added.

The man was arrested on Saturday at a pizza restaurant.

He admitted receiving a sum of money which according to the judge, was “not [an] insignificant amount.”

He will face a 15-year maximum prison term if proven guilty.


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