Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be meeting on Monday, the AFP reports.

The two will meet in Russia, at the Black Sea resort of Sochi to discuss plans on further integration, trade, and energy plans, as per the Kremlin

It is the first time that Lukashenko will meet with Putin after his questionable win in Belarus’ presidential election last month. 

The meeting will also happen amid calls to ouster Lukashenko from the presidential seat, which he has been in control of for 26 years. 

Moreover, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Pescov added that there will be no conference, and no documents will be signed by the two leaders. 

Last month, Putin told a local Russian media that the Belarusian president asked for his assistance in case things become uncontrollable. 

Increasing Crackdown On The Opposition Leaders

The announcement for the two Presidents’ meeting came amid calls for Lukashenko’s ouster and the intensified crackdown against his rivals. 

At the forefront of those opposing Lukashenko are three women, Sviatlana Tsikanaouskaya who fought Lukashenko in the presidential election, Maria Kolesnikova, a musician, and Veronika Tsepkalo, a political activist. 

However, everyone who is opposing Lukashenko is being taken one by one. 

Tsikanouskaya is continuing the fight against Lukashenko offshore, in Lithuania. 

This is after the Lukashenko government detained her after she tried to challenge the result of the elections. 

Tsepkalo was now in exile and according to reports, she is now in Moscow.

Kolesnikova is now in Ukraine, as per conflicting reports. 

Recently, allies of Kolesnikova reported that masked men snatched her while on the street. 

Belarusian officials, on the other hand said, that she is currently being detained in Ukraine after attempting to cross borders. 

However, Andrei Vaitovich, a Belarusian journalist challenges this claim. 

According to Vaitovich, Kolesnikova ripped up her passport to escape deportation to Ukraine.

The departure “wasn’t voluntary,” Vaitovich told Al Jazeera


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