U.K. addresses the possibility of Robot Armies

Are you ready for a future with robot soldiers?

A United Kingdom Army General forecasted that the UK’s armed forces might include robots in the future. 

General Sir Nick Carter said that in the 2030s, a quarter of the UK’s army of “120,000” might consist of robots, he told Sky News, per the Guardian.

“Who knows?” he said. 

However, the general clarified the numbers are not particular targets for the future. 

General Carter said during the interview with Sky News that the British should proceed with its five-year integrated defense review, per the Guardian.

The postponed plan would have allowed for the modernization of defense. 

Carter also shared that in the postponed plan, a future armed forces design for the 2030s could include robots.  

According to the Guardian, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, postponed the review last month. 

However, there are currently negotiations to reinstate the defense review. 

The army general described that in the 2030s if the plans will push through, there could be a collaboration of humans and robots working in the frontline. 

A British military personnel's arm badge

Recruitment Problem

The current strength of the British army is less than its nominal target of 82,050 troops.

Right now, it only boasts 73,870 troops. However, the army aims to lessen the gap in the future through the introduction of technology.

No Worries, Humans Will Still Fire/manage Weapons

In case the plan for modernizing the UK’s defense pushed through, what kind of future robots will it have? 

There’s a Ministry of Defence (MoD) policy limiting the firing of weapons to humans only.

Meaning, we won’t see gun-toting robots, a la Terminator, anytime soon.

There are no details yet on how the UK’s future defense with robots would look. 

However, one technology under development is the i9 drone.

The i9 drone is a fighting drone the UK developed to breach urban defenses.  The drone can navigate indoors and locate targets. It also has two shotgun barrels. 

The drone, however, cannot decide to shoot or not on its own and can only use its shotgun through the decision of a human operator.


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