The riot which started Sunday and lasted until Monday morning, was believed to be caused by news that police returned fire to an individual resisting arrest in the Englewood neighborhood.

The 20-year-old man was wounded and has been sent for treatment at the University of Chicago Medical Center. 

According to Chicago Police Superintendent, David Brown, the man is expected to survive. 

Sowing Discord

An hour after the shooting, a crowd of more than 30 people assembled and staged a face-off against the police holing a line near 56th and Aberdeen.

Authorities claim that people were fed false information that police wounded a child during the chase.  

With tension high, a brawl erupted between the civilians and police.

An officer was hit with pepper spray while another officer sustained a minor shoulder injury. A police car window was shattered by a brick. 

Two people were arrested from that clash. 

The streets were secured and cordoned off. The police waited for the crowd to disperse but people began flocking to the area after a message to go there was circulated through social media, said Brown.  

Brown said that what came after was “not an organized protest,” rather “an incident of pure criminality”.

100 arrests were made, 2 civilians were shot, and 13 police officers were injured. Police have recovered 5 guns.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that the looting and vandalism that occurred in the downtown and nearby communities are inexcusable.

She said that “What occurred in our downtown and surrounding communities was abject criminal behavior, pure and simple,”

The looting were focused in Streeterville and North Michigan Avenue, location of high-end brands. Some looting was reported in the Loop and on the Near North Side.

Several looters have tried to get in Omega “the watch store” an officer said.  

By 4 a.m. the police were able to get things under control, but vandalism continued until daylight hours. 

Public transportation such as train and bus service into the downtown was suspended. State police have blocked expressway, and bridges across the Chicago River were raised. The one on La Salle Street was left for emergency vehicle use. 


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